ODBC and Access 2.0 and VB 3.0 "Error-Obsolete Database format" msg 
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 ODBC and Access 2.0 and VB 3.0 "Error-Obsolete Database format" msg


Trying to use ODBC to talk to an Access 2.0 MDB using VB 3.0 Prof. and getting:

ODBC-call failed.
[Microsoft][ODBC DLL] Driver's SQLSetConnectOption Failed (#0)
[Microsoft][ODBC Single-Tier Driver]Driver not capable. (#0)
[Microsoft][ODBC Single-Tier Driver][ODBC File Library]Obsolete database format

This happens on an OpenDatabase(Servername, False, False, Connect) kind of thing..

Sounds like I need a new ODBC driver?


Rob Wilkinson

Sat, 27 Dec 1997 03:00:00 GMT  
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