ODBC database errors in VB 5.0 and Access 97 
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 ODBC database errors in VB 5.0 and Access 97

Has anyone out there experienced this?  More to the point, has anyone
found a way around it?

I have been trying to get a VB5.0 app to connect to a Sybase SQL Server
11.0 database via Sybase/Intersolv's ODBC driver (release 3.00).  I am
running this all on a Pentium 200 with Win 95.  On a sporadic basis, I
get ODBC 3146 errors when I try to connect to the database, or later
when I try to read or update it.  Typically (but not always) I get a
message from the ODBC driver indicating a bad call to a Sybase ctlib
function (usually ct_con_props).  This happens whether I write custom
code or used code generated straight out of the data control wizard.

Moreover, mysteriously, it is clear that ODBC connections are working at
some level.  VB manages to do this when (e.g.) I use the data control
wizard to specify the databases and tables which will be bound to the
control.  It successfully manages to interrogate the database and put
the tables and their columns in a list box.  It's just in the generated
code that the error arises.  

Also, mysteriously, the exact same problem arises (again sporadically)
when I try to access the database via Access 97.  However, it does not
seem to happen when I code in Visual C++ (although I haven't tried it as
much).  Finally, I have a C++ program that reads and updates some
database tables directly using CTlib from my Win95 machine.  This works
without difficulty, so I know underlying connectivity to Sybase is

I have spent about 1.5 weeks with Microsoft support and also Sybase
support on this problem without success (unless you call mutual finger
pointing 'success'...).  I don't know what's left to try except going to
something like PowerBuilder and avoiding ODBC entirely.  If anyone has
an idea of what the problem is or how to get around it, I'd be very
grateful to hear it.

Many thanks in advance,

--- John Aach

Sun, 26 Dec 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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