VB4-32bit/Win95 Oracle ODBC problems. 
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 VB4-32bit/Win95 Oracle ODBC problems.

Re RDO Resultsets not working.
We are at much the same point in the learning curve.
When you see the message "Option value changed" it means, I gather, that the
driver has altered some of those values after your SQL statement in the Open
Resultset statement.
For example if you have opened a read only connection and are trying to build
an updatable resultset, the driver will object.
Here we have printed every s{*filter*}of Help and Info on RDO and bound it up into a
 manual.  The M/S Technet disks have some reasonable code.  And the article in
the M/S Journal, March 1996 but Guy and Henry Eddon is a pretty good effort, and
their benckmark tester (in the article and download from Compuserve) actually
does work and compiles first pop.  Its a good item to put on your learning
In terms of coding, the best solution I have found in to write all the RDO
errors into the debug window along with the time and date.
"Driver not capable" means your requirements have exceeded the spec to which
the driver is written.  This is usually ODBC level 2, so you will need to mull
over your needs????!!~!!  
Never the less, these drivers are in a state of flux, we are on our third
version.  The sizes were 155K, 157K and 158K so you can see it's all little mods
and fixes.

Sat, 17 Oct 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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