ODBC Connect to ORacle 7.1 with VB4.0 (32bit) 
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 ODBC Connect to ORacle 7.1 with VB4.0 (32bit)

Hello All,
        We have a CGI program written in VB4.  This program is required to connect to
Oracle 7.1 via a ODBC connection.  We use the 32 Bit Visigenic Driver for
Oracle 7, which connects fine through Website Web Software, however when we
use Netscape, the Connection is not made and we get the error than ODBC Driver
is not installed and it cannot find our Datasource.

        I am not sure whether this error is caused by the WWW Software, or by a minor
change which has to be made via the connect string in the VB Application,
however if anybody has any ideas, it would be appreciated.

        We are connecting via SQLNET 2 for Windows NT (The machine is a NT Box), and
all else seems to work fine.  We can get a connection using the Driver, but
Visual Basic Applications cannot connect.

        Please reply to me directly if you have any ideas.

        Thanks is advance.

Colin McGrath  

Colin McGrath
University of Britsh Columbia - Registrars Office
Vancouver CANADA

Sat, 27 Jun 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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