VB/Personal Oracle connection 
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 VB/Personal Oracle connection

I tried to connect VB 4.0 and Personal Oracle for Windows 95, but my
attempt failed. I am documenting the environment and my actions below.

Environment: Windows 95; VB 4.0 (32-bit, Enterprise Edition, Complete
Installation), and Personal Oracle 7 for Windows 95. I have RAM 16M.

1.  I created a simple test database using SQL Plus 3.2.
2.  I installed two drivers: 1) INTERSOLV 2.12 32-bit and
    2)  Oracle 72 (32 bit) downloaded from www.Oracle.com.
    I used 32bit ODBC Administrator to set up the data sources.
3.  As a result, the ODBC.INI file contained the following information:

[ODBC 32 bit Data Sources]
Oracle7 tables = INTERSOLV 2.12 32-BIT Oracle7 (32 bit)
po72 = Oracle72 (32 bit)

[Oracle7 tables]
Driver32 = c:\windows\system\IVOR709.DLL

Driver32 = c:\orawin95\ODBC\sqo32_72.dll

4. I started Personal Oracle Database and VB 4.0.
5. I started new project in VB 4.0 and placed the following code in the
Form_Load event:

   Dim Db As Database
   Set Db = Workspaces(0).OpenDatabase("", False,False,"ODBC;")

5.  The execution of this code caused SQL Data Sources Dialog box
    to pop up prompting me to select a data source.

    Case 1: I selected "Oracle7 tables"  (INTERSOLV Oracle driver).

       "Logon to Oracle" dialog box poped up. It prompts me to enter
       Server Name, User Name, and Password.
       I entered "2:"  for the Server Name. (Maybe it is wrong.)
       I entered same User Name and Password I had successfully used
       earlier to logon to Oracle with SQL Plus.
       As a result I got the following error message:

       "[INTERSOLV][ODBC Oracle Driver][Oracle] Error while trying
       to retrieve text for error ORA-03121."

       According to "Oracle7 Codes and Messages"  this message occurs
       because the SQL*Net driver is not loaded... or there is a
       mismatch of the version of the driver..."

    Case 2: I selected "po72"

       I could  not  even reach the "Logon to Oracle" dialog box.
       I got the following error message from Microsoft Visual Basic:
       "Run-time error '3146', ODBC - call failed."

If someone knows how to get the connection, I would greatly
appreciate your help.

Mon, 01 Feb 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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