Wanted: US-NY-NYC Consulting Contract(s) 
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 Wanted: US-NY-NYC Consulting Contract(s)

        I'm looking for challenging contract position(s):

                - 20 hours a week on-site
                - ?? hours telecommuting (I have an ISDN line)
                - hourly rates and/or deliverable rates

        I am very adaptable to different environments and needs:

                - local to New York City
                - well equipped home office
                  (workstations, servers, clients, multiple OS,
                   laptops, printers, network access, ISDN)
                - flexible
                - professional
                - technical
                - conscientious

        I am a database specialist who has also been involved with
        projects anywhere from low-level programming to high level
        design and implementation.  

                - DB:  Rdb, Oracle, Informix, SQL Server
                - OS:  Vax/Vms, Unix, Windows 3.1/95/NT
                - PRG: Visual Basic, COBOL, C, SQL, PLSQL

        ** I am currently pursuing my NT Developer certification

        Whether you need someone for a specific project or you just
        want someone for maintenance now and again, give me a call
        to discuss your needs!

Mon, 26 Apr 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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