ADO Requery disables text boxes 
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 ADO Requery disables text boxes

Using VB 6 Professional, and ADO 2.0.

Have a command object (read only, client-side, static), based on a SQL
statement involving a simple join of 2 tables.

The form has some text boxes bound to fields of the result set, and
command buttons to go to next and previous records of the result set.

Prior to doing a requery everything works fine.  If I do a requery, the
text boxes are frozen on the record prior to the requery.  The command
buttons still work, however.  I can tell the command buttons still work
by BOF and EOF beeps, and by checking the AbsolutePosition Property in
debug mode.

Additional info:

In debug, I verified that the text box properties DataField and
DataMember were preserved after the requery.  For some reason, I got an
error when trying to see the DataSource property (either before or after

I tried Resync as an alternative, but the Resync with no parameters
gives error "insufficient base table information for updating or
refreshing", and putting in parameters gives compile errors.

Appreciate any help:

Especially on text box freezing
Problem seeing DataSource when Printing in immediate window,
Resync issues

Thanks very much,

John Fields

Mon, 25 Feb 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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