Help! How to concatenate snapshots? 
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 Help! How to concatenate snapshots?

I have an app where I wish to create a snapshot from an Access
database, grab some more records from the same database and
add them to the snapshot.  I'm no SQL wizard, but it seems to me
that the SQL standard allows for the UNION verb, which would do
exactly what I want.  Unfortunately, VB doesn't seem to have this
utility, nor does it provide for an .AddNew to snapshots, which
would also work.  Because the database contains memo fields of
unknown length, I can't just create an array to hold the data.

I can't create a dynaset (I don't think), because part of the
application is a cut/paste operation where the rows being selected
are cut from the database, and then pasted (AddNew) with a new key
(in this case, a new date).

Can anyone suggest a workaround.
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Sat, 27 Dec 1997 03:00:00 GMT  
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