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 DAO help

I'm just studying VB, and i have project where I have to create program to
access Aceess97
database.  I'm using VB5 and Access97 and DAO method to assess database.  I
have 4 general
1 main form with tab controls on it, and by clicking tab button certain form
would open.  I
also have search form, where user will look for the particular record, and
all data
associated with this record must be open in all 4 forms. Ex, RefNo 5, and
all data for this
client with RefNo5 must appear in all forms.
Please, can anyone suggest and if possible show how I can use code to search
for a
particular record and then show data associated with this record in all
Any comments will be appreciated.
Thanks in advance

Mon, 10 May 2004 12:54:09 GMT  
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