dBase IV + ODBC Index Question 
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 dBase IV + ODBC Index Question

        I am using VB and ODBC to access an existing dBase IV database.
the name of the database is acr and it has 7 indices stored in a single
.mdx file (acr.mdx).  One of the tags is called "orderid" and is an
index built on *two* columns: Order_id and rec_id.  ODBC complains when
I try to do an ORDER BY ORDERID in the SQL SELECT.  It says that
"orderid" isn't a column name.  I know that.  How do I get at tags
other than single column names (in a SQL SELECT STMT?)

        Even more puzzling to me is that it seems that my .MDX may be
being ignored altogether.  My acr.inf is in the same directory as the
.dbf and .mdx and looks like this:


That's it.  I tried changing [dbase] to [dBase IV] but that didn't
help.  I've read the FAQ and KB *and* TFM.  I'm still confused.  Has
anyone else got some .infs I can see?  I appreciate any help you can
give me on this.

Eric Schilling

Mon, 16 Feb 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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