Memory Leak Access/VB 4 
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 Memory Leak Access/VB 4

I have an application which does data acquisition on a continuous basis. I
have approximately 5 tables with roughly 30 fields and 1 database (.MDB)
file.  Data is logged to this file once every :15 seconds.  I appear to
leak memory at about 20K per hour.  What is happening?  I am opening and
closing the database object (and Set dbObject = Nothing) with each pass, I
am also opening and closing (and Set tblObject = Nothing) any table,
dynaset, etc. objects with each pass as well.  However, I am still memory
leaking the 20K per hour.  If I turn the timer control off (disable) and
run the application, no leaks take place and the application will run well.
 However, I turn the data logging back on (logging is in the timer event),
and the memory leaks continue.  Can this be related to the "dead airspace"
you eliminate when you compact a database?  Any help would be greatly


Fri, 29 Oct 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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