Improving VB Developement 
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 Improving VB Developement

Good-day Fellow VBers,

I wonder how other fellow VBers are managing to overcome
the "snowball" effect of programming.  In several magazine
 editorials I have seen described some of the same frustrations
 I am experiencing,  but without solutions.  Projects either
grow out of control or you simply move on to the next,
  hoping that as time goes by,  an answer might just leap
out at you.  This of course does not happen and you find
yourself in a pile of 80% finished code and applications.

I have tried to condense the problem into just 2 questions
and believe answers to these questions will help all of
us current VBers,  and those who are just starting out
become better programmers.

#1   How do you manage multi-component applications?

A component by my definition is a piece of code that accomplished
 a single task. An application that prompts the user for a random
number then displays the square root of that random would consist
 of several components;  One to prompt the user for the number;
One to retrieve and store this number; One to manipulate the number,
in this case find the square root of the number; And one to display
the result. THis is a very simple multi-component application.

A single application can consist of thousands of  components.
 If you already have some working components and are just re-using
them in a different application,  how do you prevent overlapping
 global variables or when creating or adding new components?
As well I have noticed that when adding somke new comkponents,
 old components that once worked, now do not causing
hours of debugging,  how to prevent this?

#2. How do you accomplish the growing requirement  for re-useable code?

By this I am referring to after you have written and tested
a component or set of components,  how do you incorporate
them into a new project such that any changes to the components
do not effect past projects?  Conversely patches/correction you
make to these components impact past projects. I realize you can
not code for both ways but would like to be able to change between
the two on certain occassions.

My intention is to gather and summarize as much information on
this topic as possible.  As a result,  I believe that this would
 create not only an informative article for those like myself who
are in the same or similar situation but also be of some aid to
those who are just starting out and/or considering entering into
the exciting world of VB programming.  If any of you VBers have
 some insight or would like to share some ideas on how you managed
or are managing to get around these problems,  I would like to hear
 from you. As well, if this topic has already been successfully
addressed somewhere else  then please let me know where and how
 I can obtain this information for inclusion.

Please e-mail me direct at the address below.
Also please include where you read this message as I am gathering
information from several sources.

Rod Archibald

Mon, 05 Jul 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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