Using Excel 97 with Visual Studio 97 (VB5) 
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 Using Excel 97 with Visual Studio 97 (VB5)

Hi All,
Here is an interesting problem. I previously installed office 97 and use
Excel 97 worksheets (because I need over 16000 rows in a worksheet),
however after installing Visual Studio 97 I can no longer access rows past
16387 in Visual Basic.

I am using an opendatabase with "Excel 8.0", the method opens the sheet and
reads it fine but only now to row 16387 (like Excel 7.0)
has anyone else had this problem??

What drivers do I need to re-install? I would assume re-installing Office
97 will solve the problem (but me disk is damaged and I am waiting on a


Sun, 07 Nov 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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