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Feeling a little behind on your VB news?  Stop by
the Visual Basic Newswire and get caught up today!

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Headlines from the past two weeks...

- New email control offers send/receive capabilities
- New high-performance sorting tool
- Add a color box to your app for free
- New control enables remote NT user security
- HOW for VB makes the hard stuff easier
- New website offers help to the newbie
- New VB books available
- GreenTree introduces Active Control Pak
- InnovSoft releases VB~Rad v1.20
- Books tells all about using the registry
- Document your VB 5 programs with 1 click
- VBITS comes to a town near you
- No-code data magician to debut
- New VB website offers relief to busy developers
- NT Enterprise Developer Conference teaches "N-Tier" techniques

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Wed, 15 Nov 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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