Problem: Copying OLE object (bitmap) into the clipboard 
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 Problem: Copying OLE object (bitmap) into the clipboard


These are the facts:
- MS Access database with bitmaps
- A form under VB5 with Ole field + data control + image control

When i try to copy the image to the clipboard with 'clipboard.SetData
MyImage.Picture, 2' I get the error
message that the server application (which created the image) is not
running. In the online docs was a remark
about setting the verb property to -3 to prevent this. That didn't work, i
got the same error (perhaps i messed
up ?!). So, is there a way to solve this or perhaps to copy the raw bitmap
information (without ole stuff) to the
clipboard ?
Thanx ....Olli

Wed, 03 Oct 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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