Error 3197 woes 
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 Error 3197 woes

I'm pretty new to database programming, but so far I've been able to
figure everything out, until this.  I'm writing a multi-user database
application in VB4.0 that uses Access 2 databases for storage (Although
I'm seriously considering purchasing a database server.) In this
program, each client continually (as often as possible with a timer
control) does a read from the database, and (less often) modifies it.

I keep getting an error 3197 ('Data has changed; Operstion Stopped')
when I try to use the Edit method on my database.  The help page for
this error says that it is caused when the table is modified by someone
else between your calling of 'Edit' and 'Update'.  This makes sense,
however in my case, I am sure that nothing else is changing this

I also looked on the Microsoft web page, and there was another
explanation for this error, that if a machine tries to modify the table
and does not have the most recent 'copy' (i.e. it has been changed by
another user and not yet refreshed), it will give the same error.  This
again makes sense, but does not apply to me since no other users are
changing it (although they do have it open).  Just to make sure,
however, I called the Refresh method of the recordset just before the
Edit method, and it didn't help.

So my question is, what other reasons are there for this error?  I
completely recreated the database that this error is occuring on, so I
know it's not corrupted.  If anyone has any ideas on this, I would
_greatly_ appreciate it; this problem is very frustrating.

Thanks in advance!


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