ODBC Connection to an MSAccess Database 
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 ODBC Connection to an MSAccess Database

OK,  I'm having major problems getting VB5 to work with ODBC.  I am using an
Access Database and it is registered as a System DSN with ODBC.  Every time I
try to make a connection to any database using ODBC the program crashes - it
just locks up VB and I have to end task.  I have tried coding the connection
myself and have even tried the DB Wizard.  The DB Wizard lock up before the
wizard even completes.  I also made a very simple, like 4 line, code to try
make a connection with the database.  Every time I run it VB crashes.  If
anybody knows why this is happening and/or can give me code examples so that I
can make sure I am doing this right to begin with I would appreciate it
greatly.  Also, if anybody knows of any other methods of using ODBC (other
than VB) to make a data entry form to access databases please let me know.

Thank you

Sun, 26 Aug 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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