passing a data control 
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 passing a data control

AL->  Sub Myfn(datTheDataControl as Control)
  ->        datTheDataControl.Recordset.MoveNext

AL->        Sub Myfn(frmTheForm as Form)
  ->           frmTheForm!Data1.Recordset.MoveNext
  ->        End Sub

AL-> I've tried to pass the data control to the procedure too,
     but either
  -> can't get the syntax right or VB just won't allow that.  What do
  -> declare it as?  Control didn't work (ie: (datTheDataControl as
  -> Control)).

   I've tried doing the same thing in my applications before and have
come up with the same error! So I eventually gave up on data
controls. However, I was just given a quick and dirty job to do and
decided to give data controls a try again. I may have stumbled accross
the answer, but it seems to good to be true. I haven't had a problem
yet, but give it a try.

I simply declared my sub as
        Sub MyFn(dta as Data)
        end Sub

To my amazment, using the DATA in the declaration seems to have worked!
I know I've tried this millions of time before. Give it a try, let me
know how it turns out. I would think I had tried this before, but I no
longer am sure.

Good Luck.

let me know how it turned out!

Fri, 26 Dec 1997 03:00:00 GMT  
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