Need help w/Visual Studio Installer 
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 Need help w/Visual Studio Installer

I'm having some problems with creating the installer for my VB app using the
Visual Studio Installer:

1)  Shortcut creation:
        There does not appear to be a way to setup the "Start In" path
property for the shortcut. As a result, the program starts when the shortcut
is clicked, but the database file (MDB) which is in the application folder
is not found. When the "Start In" path is manually edited from the desktop
shortcut, the program and data are found just fine. I need to know how to
set the start in folder so my shortcut works properly after the Windows
Installer is completed.

2)  Microsoft DataReports:
        When a report is generated, the following error appears:  "Failed to
get rowset(s) from data source."  Apparently, some data type is not
installed or not properly registered during the installation. I have
included all of the imported dependency files from my Visual Basic project
file. Still, this is the only program element which does not work.

I have a completed app ready to ship. I would be most grateful for your help
with these issues so I can distribute it soon.
Thanks in advance!

Rusty Gordon

Thu, 06 Jun 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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