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 Printer Woes


        Could  someone help? We are trying to convert a Mainframe to DOS (Pascal) print system to a Mainframe to Windows 95 (Visual Basic) print system. In the system we import files which are in a mainframe print format. We strip off the control character from the first position of the line and save it. We then use the saved control character to regulate (i.e. top of form, single space, double space, etc.) the printing of the remainder of the line. This is done for each record. Our problems occur when a file contains print lines that are 132 bytes.  We use a Mannesmann Tally MT645 printer which emulates an IBM Pro.

        Our programmed settings are:

                1) Font = Courier New
                2) Size  = 10 point
                3) Bold  = False
                4) Height = 15840 twips (11 inches)
                5) Width = 21420 twips (14 7/8 inches)

        Our problems are:

                1) The reports come out bold which greatly slow down the print process.
                2) The Lines Per Page  on the printer changes from 66  to 65. This causes the page                           break to occur before reaching the perforation  mark.

        Can someone help? We were hoping to not have to use Crystal Reports because some of the reports must be  printed on pre-printed forms.



Sun, 05 Mar 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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