Slow loading performance with database 
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 Slow loading performance with database


 Anyone can help me to fix this problem?
I use a database to store a list of newsgroup
that is available from each news Server .All the newsgroups
available on each news Server is stored in one table.When a
user want to view a list of newsgroup available on a particular
newsgroup , then  all the newsgroup of that news server will be
read in to the list view control and then displayed to the user
for his or her selection.My problem is , it takes so long to load
even if there is only 3000 record.When there is 50,000 record
my computer just hang halfway during the loading.So , is there anyway
to increase the performance so the user no need to wait so long ?
Is it possible to read the required table into the memory from the database
then send it to the list view control to be displayed to the user ?
If possible , how to accomplish this ?If you know any other techniques
,please let me know ?

Thank in advance

Fri, 29 Sep 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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