Good, simple, robust VB DB programming examples, please? 
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 Good, simple, robust VB DB programming examples, please?

I've developed in VB for years, but so far avoided doing database
programming.  I can't avoid it any more, and am experiencing lots of
frustration over not having good examples or guidance on writing robust,
useful applications that validate data input and manage RecordSets
without erroring out.  The book I bought shows the simple stuff that I'm
smart enough to figure out on my own, and none of this complicated stuff
which is so important to developing an app which is worth using.  Can
someone please please please mail me book references or on-line
references or source code providing good, thorough, professional
examples of a simple but functional database application in VB:
entering/editing/managing valid data records, viewing in grid/table
form, writing a report.  And I'd be happy to receive any experienced
advice about effective VB DB approaches: bound-control-driven vs.
code-driven, for example.

Thanks thanks thanks,
Jon S.

Sun, 02 May 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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