Crystal Reports 4, VB3, ODBC & Connect Strings 
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 Crystal Reports 4, VB3, ODBC & Connect Strings

Hi All-

I've spent an afternoon fighting with Crystal Reports 4.0
(the full version), VB 3.0 & an ODBC database.

My problem is that I'm using Intersolv's Q+E data controls
inside VB to connect to MS SQL Server using ODBC.  
Unfortunately, Intersolv's brain-dead managers have crippled
their ODBC drivers so that they'll only work with the Q+E controls.
Attempts by other tools to go through them result in
big, {*filter*} warning messages about licensing.

So, OK, cool, I'll just set up an alternate ODBC definition
using the MS ODBC drivers for my target database, then pass
this definition in the Report Connect string to my Crystal
Reports at run-time.  Unfortunately the documentation on
this string in the Crystal Reports manual is pitiful (about
a half a page) and from what I've tried, so far, it is WRONG !
No matter what combination I pass in, the run time Crystal
Report keeps trying to go through the existing Q+E driver,
or comes back with an invalid login string message.
The only time I came close was from the CR design environment
when I explicitly logged into the SQL Server from my newly
created MS based ODBC entry.

Oh yeah, and the Crystal Reports Web site, were I was hoping
to find some FAQ's or further examples doesn't respond.  
Big surprise, that a company that releases blatantly incorrect
documentation, can't even maintain a Web site.

So, has anyone tackled this problem ?
Any thoughts or clues on the correct syntax for the CR
Connect string ?

Please email me directly with anything that can help.

-brad albom
Software Engineering Solutions, Inc

Phone: (415) 969-0141

Sun, 09 Aug 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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