Persistent conection? 
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 Persistent conection?

I want to know which choise is better:

a) Open 1 (one) connection using ADO and ODBC at the
beginnig of the program, and then close it at the end
(persistant conection).

b) Open a connection at the beginnig of all the procedures
or functions that requires a connection (ADO and ODBC) and
then close it at the end of the procedures or functions
(requiered conection).

Consider that:
1) 80% of the time I need to access the DB.
2) Openning a connection is a slow procedure.
3) Leaving a connection open, means innecesary trafic in
the network.

Which is the best choise, a) or b) ???????

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Mon, 09 Sep 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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