Problem adding new record to inner join recordset... 
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 Problem adding new record to inner join recordset...

>      What _used_ to work (and still does if I paste the query into
> Access and edit the data there) is to supply values for all but
> PRODUCT_FAMILY_NAME, and the new record would be saved to PRODUCT_GROUP
> with no problems.  Now, for some reason, after the end of the Validate()
> event, I get two identical untrappable error dialogs that say simply
> "Object doesn't support this property or method", without any apparent
> way of finding out what object, property, or method it's talking about.
>      I've also tried editing it in a DBGrid; Oracle returns an error
> saying that a required field is null (even if all values are filled in),
> as if it's also trying to add a new record to PRODUCT_FAMILY.  I tried
> taking the DBGrid out of the picture altogether (even though the client
> wants it there), and still got the same "Object doesn't support..."
> messages.

>     Any ideas what could be happening here & what to do about it?

>     Thanks.

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> Stuck using a PC, but still an Amiga guy at heart...

I have the same problem pver here, when i fill in a field just before
I update the recordset, the other fields are blanked out. I look like
a one-to-many problems, but I also have it with one-to-one tables.
I'm using a Jet 2.5 database with VB4-16bit. The code used to work
(and still does) in VB3 and Access 2.0

Good luck

Marcel van der Gragt (you can't pronounce this)

Tue, 05 May 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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