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 primary key questions

Using VB4.0 16-bit on Win95:
I use Data Manager to create a simple
database & table.  I only want a 10-char
text field (code) and a 40-char text field
as description.  I want the code field to
be the "primary" key and the only index.
When I go into design mode and click "Keys"
and select Primary, then select the code
field, it turns my 10/text field (code) into
a long/counter field!  My code field will
be required and will be unique, so why won't
it let me use it as the primary key without
making it a long/counter?  Is this just
the DM (should I use Access to do this instead?).
Also, what is the purpose of the "Primary Key"?
I defined my code field to be the key of an
index and everything seems to work fine, so why
would I need to define the primary key anyway?

I'm new to VB to please be gentle and spare me
any flammage (I'm outta asbestos undies :-))
if this is a basic issue.  Also, please feel free
to point to a reference in the manuals as I have
no problem doing my own homework.  

Many thanks in advance
David L Jarvis

Sat, 16 May 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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