Solution to Incorrect Collating Sequence problem importing Paradox into Access etc via ODBC 
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 Solution to Incorrect Collating Sequence problem importing Paradox into Access etc via ODBC

I've sent this to all the above groups as I've been looking on DejaNews for
a solution to the problem of importing or linking Paradox (*.db) tables into
Access or a VB database and the issue seems to have been raised several
times in each group.

I can't take full credit for this: I got a major clue in a message posted to
microsoft.public.vb.database.odbc back in October 1997, where he mentioned
the Registry key

Changing the value for CollatingSequence to International has now solved
this problem for me.  This is using NT4, Paradox 4 tables and both Access95
and Access97.

It seems that changing the sort order of the paradox driver from the ODBC
config tool in control panel (or odbcadm) does not change the sort order
value in the above registry key.  This is fine, if you're only ever using
Paradox tables from one source, which will always have the same sort-order,
but is going to be a hassle if you're dealing with tables with different
sort orders.  Maybe there's a way to get Access/VB to change the registry
key on the fly - but I'll leave that to people who need to do it!!

I have now read on through the list of search results produced by DejaNews,
and see that a similar thing is reported to work in Windows 3.x by editing
the Msaccess.ini.  I never had any problems up to and including Access95,
however - well not until I had to reinstall Offpro95.  I suspect the problem
must lie with odbc32 not making all the changes in the registry it should.

Hope this helps


Tue, 30 Jan 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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