Transactions using RDO with VB4.0a 
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 Transactions using RDO with VB4.0a

I have a problem with transactions under RDO (using Visual Basic V4.0A Enterprise Edition):

Please, take a look at the following piece of code;


Public Function Delete(iAnId As Integer) As Integer

    Call m_objX.Delete(iAnId)
    If (m_objX.DBStatus() = DB_ERR_NORMAL) Then
    End If
End Sub


"m_objX" is an object that handles a table "X" in the database (MS SQL-server V4.21a). When
"m_objX.DBStatus()" returns its status from the "Call m_objX.Delete(sSignature)" and it is
something else than "DB_ERR_NORMAL" it should perform a rollback. Instead of that, I get an
error message "Function Sequence Error" when executing the rollback-statement.(m_rdoConn
consists of the rdoConnection to the database)

Does anybody know why it seems to be impossible to perform the rollback?

Many thanks!


Fri, 08 Jan 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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