FoxPro ODBC Driver Shows Deleted Records 
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 FoxPro ODBC Driver Shows Deleted Records

I am having a problem that I cannot seem to resolve.  I am attempting to use
the ODBC driver for FoxPro V2.5 and a 3rd Party Data Control called VDB.  I
want the ODBC driver to return rows that have not been deleted so I do not
check the 'Show Deleted Rows' box in the setup for the ODBC driver.  The
data control still shows the deleted rows.  I called the vendor and they said
that they had no idea (could be a bug in the driver..).  Has anyone seen this
problem?  The SIMBA.DLL driver I am using is V1.01.2115 dated 12/14/93, is
this the latest driver??  

I am really up against the wall on a project with
this and I don't know if I can take the re-write time.

Thanks for your help

D.M.(Mike) Mattix

Organization: Ag Group of Monsanto
              Luling, LA 70070

Tue, 19 Aug 1997 01:22:57 GMT  
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