CRViewer Export Problems (Word / Excel) 
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 CRViewer Export Problems (Word / Excel)

Crystal Version: 8.0.10 (CRW32
VB 6.0 Front-end (CRViewer used for displaying reports)
OS:  Windows 2000 Professional
Export Apps:  Office XP (Word 2002 10.2627.2625; Excel 2002 10.2614.2625)

When using CRViewer:

Problem 1:  Can not export directly to application.  It lets user go through
procedure without error, but does not create apppropriate temp file or open
appropriate application.  All .dll's are in place (see notes below).

Problem 2:  When exporting to disk-file, export runs successfully and
creates file with what looks to be the appropriate size.  However, when you
open this file, you get the following error message, "Unable to read file",
and no data is displayed. This is the same for all Excel and Word export


- Export works on some reports when exporting directly from Crystal Report
Designer.  The reports that export correctly are seemingly identical to
reports that do not export.

- I have Seagate's latest export .dll's from their export patch
(dbexdrvr.exe).  These .dll's are located in the WINNT\System32 and in
WINNT\Crystal folders.

- Using code, I can manually export reports, but I do not wish to do this.
CRViewer is most user-friendly option if I can get it to work.  Worked okay
with Windows NT and Office 97 before upgrading.

Sat, 04 Sep 2004 02:59:13 GMT  
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