Can not keep FoxPro 2.5 index (.CDX) open 
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 Can not keep FoxPro 2.5 index (.CDX) open

I have been trying to use a foxpro index (.cdx) with my app. but have
been havin trouble keeping the index file open.  I have created an INF
file (CDB.INF) that looks like this:


I also created one that looked like this:

[FoxPro 2.5]

When I look at the file open activity with RConsole, I can see the .DBF,
.INF and the .CDX open.  Then, as quickly as the .CDX opens, it closes
along with the .INF.  I would expect the .INF to close, but not the .CDX.

Has anyone else experienced this and, if you have, do you have a solution
as to what I am doing wrong?

Another question I have is, if I can keep the .CDX open, how do I set the

I have been looking all over for the answer (Knowledge base, MSDN CD's,
etc.) but I haven't been able to find anything.  Any help/insight would
be greatly appreciated.  Part of the program follows.


This is the program I have been using to experiment with.  Not much is
happening here, just open the database and print the first 4 records on
the form.

Sub Form_Load ()
    Dim Db As database
    Dim tb As table
    Dim i As Integer

    Set Db = OpenDatabase("\dbdir", False, False, "FoxPro 2.5;")
    Set tb = Db.OpenTable("cdb")

    For i = 0 To 4
        Print tb(0) & "   " & tb(1)' & "  " & tb(3) & tb(4)


End Sub

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