Help! Using dBase files with VB 
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 Help! Using dBase files with VB

Please help!!!!

Thanks in advance.

I cannot get the following code to work:
sub main()
  Dim db as Database
  Set db = OpenDatabase("c:\alpha4v3\nicolet",False,False,"dBase III")
end sub

  When executed, I get "Reserved Error 1070 - There is no message for this error"

Other Info:

  1) The c:\alpha4v3\nicolet\ dir contains:

  2) The executable is "nictran.exe" and is found in the c:\nictran\ dir.

  3) "nictran.ini" contains entries for the dbase ISAM's.

  4) The ISAM's are found in c:\windows\system.

  5) "nictran.inf" contains:

  6) I am using WW3.11 and VB 3.0

  7) This application is running, as is, on another computer running W3.1

  8) I have also tried putting "nictran.ini" in c:\windows.

  I think the problem is related to the database name or location, but I can't
figure this out for anything.  Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.
Thanks again.  

Tue, 11 May 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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