Runtime error 50003 - after Application Install 
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 Runtime error 50003 - after Application Install

My user is getting "Unexpected Runtime Error - 50003" when executing the
updated version of his application.  (A previous version was already loaded
on his pc and works fine).  I had made a few changes to his database and
added a new form to his application.  Rather than create all new Setup
diskettes (and send all those system files again), I simply sent him the
modified database, the new application .exe file and new versions of 3
Crystal Report (.rpt) files.  He loaded these files into his existing
application folder.  Logically, this should work, right?

I've loaded his application folder back onto my development PC and I don't
get the errors.  The application runs as expected.  However, when I copy the
same folder over to another of my PCs, I do get the same error that he does.

I tried doing a modified Setup disk (without all the extra system files),
but that doesn't help.  Do I have to re-do the Setup disks with ALL those
files, or does anyone recognize a quick fix for this problem?

Thanks in advance!


Fri, 07 Sep 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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