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I was wondering if anyone has gotten the ODBC API call SQLExtendedFetch to
work with VB4.0 32 Bit on WinNT?  There is a book put out by Microsoft
called: "Inside ODBC" and it has some decent examples in VB but it appears
were created using VB 3.0.  The example that uses SQLExtendedFetch does not
work with VB4.0 32bit.  It does however work with VB4.0 16bit!  I have tried
to get this sucker to work and have had no success.

If anyone has been able to get this to work I'd sure appreciate some
pointers, it would help the perforamance of my app quite a bit if I could
get it going.  If it would be of any help I would be more than willing to
get the code to
them via E-mail next week(I'm at home).  

Thanks in Advance,

Marc Mondragon

well as posted in case of News Server Flakiness!!!!

Wed, 02 Sep 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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