Automation error (-2147217911) SQL-DMO / VB 
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 Automation error (-2147217911) SQL-DMO / VB

I have a VB6 app using SQL-DMO to access SQL Server 7.0. The first
thing the app does is login. If I login using SQL Server login (i.e.
sa) it works fine. However when I login using Windows authentication,
I can retrieve a list of database from the server fine, and then
select a database, but the first SQL statement that I run (a simple
Select query) using an ADODB.Recordset to return records I get the
following error -

"Automation error"

The err.Number is -2147217911 and thats all the info it gives me. My
app is running from a Win2K machine (sp3) and SQL Server is on an NT4
machine (sp6). My NT user name appears to be setup correctly in SQL
Server, in the format "Domain\Username", and has rights to the
database I have selected. Anyone any ideas how to get more info. about
this error?



Sat, 07 May 2005 22:19:42 GMT  
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