GPF in DAO2516.DLL at 002D:01F6 ! 
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 GPF in DAO2516.DLL at 002D:01F6 !

Hello All,

I'm getting a GPF in DAO2516.DLL at 002D:01F6.

This error occurs (under W3.11 using dao25 with attached tables against
Oracle7 with Q+E odbc-driver) when closing application A, which uses
dao25, and where application A have started/a reference to an OLE
automation (out-of-process) server, which also uses dao25 on the same

I have tried setting the object reference to the server to nothing
before and after closing the database i application A (mydbobject.close)
with no luck. If I do it before, the GPF occurs when closing the
database i app A. If I do it after, the error occurs when setting the
reference to nothing or when ending app A (which implicitly should set
the reference to nothing).

However, if I start app A and the automation server separately,
everything works fine when closing app A and the aut. server. This could
implicate an OLE error of some kind, but I haven't investigated this any

Any help would be highly appreciated,

Fri, 07 May 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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