ODBC recordset problems, 100 record limit? 
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 ODBC recordset problems, 100 record limit?

I would appreciate any suggestions anyone could make regarding the
following problem - I recently moved a VB CGI program which queries an
Access db from a WebSite server to an IIS server, which involved
changing the method of database access from Jet to ODBCDirect. I had no
problems grasping the shift from Database objects to Connection objects,
but for some reason, when I query the database with an SQL string(ie:
conn.OpenRecordset("SQLstring")) that should return a recordset of more
than 100 records, the query fails and returns nothing. When the query is
less than 100 records, the record is opened no problem. The only thing
that seems like it might be even remotely linked to this behaviour is
the CacheSize property of Recordset and QueryDef objects, which defaults
to 100(coincidence?) but the documentation seems to indicate that with
ODBC,  CacheSize is read-only and should only apply in client-server
situations. This problem has been doubly difficult to troubleshoot
because the server is in a remote location, so I have had to do all my
debugging through HTML output. If anyone out there has run across this
problem I would be thankful for any pointers - I'm gettin' mighty

Malcolm Ferguson,
Imaginet Communications,

Fri, 23 Mar 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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