ODBC to Oracle via supplied Visigenic drivers 
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 ODBC to Oracle via supplied Visigenic drivers

I've been trying to get an ODBC connection to my Oracle server with
little success.  The setup I'm trying to acheive, is as follows:

VB4.0 (32bit)
Visigenic ODBC (supplied with VB)
Oracle SQLnet (2.1)(NT Version I was told)
Win95 TCP

Digital Alpha UNIX (3.2c)
Oracle 7.2.2
SQLNet (2.1)

I've loaded the VB from Nov. '95 Select Disk, after I had installed the
SQLNet.  The VB help said that the Visigenic Oracle ODBC driver would
autoload.  It didn't,  so I tried loading it directly from the disk.  The
ODBS 'Pack' readme.txt said it was 2.5 of the ODBC pack. When the drivers
were about to install, It came back with an error 'Compliance failure'
and listed 'C++, Access, Word.....lots more' none of which are installed
on the machine.

Fri, 14 Aug 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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