Problem refreshing SQL Server 7.0 joins in ADO 
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 Problem refreshing SQL Server 7.0 joins in ADO

Hi SQL Server folks;

I have a join between two tables Vendors and Coutries:

Select Vendors.Code,Vendors.Name,Vendors.CountryCode,Countries.Name As
From Vendors INNER JOIN Countries
 ON Vendors.CountryCode = Countries.Code

I want to show the result in a DATAGRID in VB6. As you know the
recordset has to be Bookmarkable in order for the DataGrid to be able to
display the results. I have tested ClientSide/Static and
ServerSide/Keyset recordsets and both are the same. My problem is this:
When I update the Vendors.CountryCode to a different value, the value
for the Countries.Name does not reflect the change. When I use the
Dynamic recordset, it works but then the DataGrid can not display the
recordset since it is not bookmarkable.
I have used this kind of joins so many times in DAO/Access and it works
with no problem. Then what is the problem here. I am using SQL Server 7
and VB 6 SP2.
Please help since I am very frustrated. I have checked everything but
I can not find the problem. Please help.


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Thu, 13 Dec 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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