How can I change the system-default-printer 
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 How can I change the system-default-printer

Hello everybody,

My name is Alfred Zwiep, an Visual Basic developer. I'm building a little
program that has to change the default system-printer. The program contains
one form with one button. The only event used is the button_click event. The
code in this event looks like this:

Sub Button_Click()
   Printer.Tackdefault = true
   Set Printer=Printers(0)
End Sub

Before the button is clicked, I can see in the printer-configurations that
printers(1) is the default system printer. After I clicked the same printer
is the default system-printer. In my mind reases the question Why!

When I looked in the Microsoft Knowledge Base, I found that there's a
service pack 3. After installing this pack the error should be resolved.
Even than I just cannot change the system default printer.

As you understand this program is just an example, to indicate my problem.
The real application is much larger.

If there's anyone listening who CAN change the default system-printer,
please respond. Even if you have an idea, but you are not shore, please mail

Thanks in advance, and greetings from Holland,

Alfred Zwiep
Wassenaar Consult

Tue, 26 Dec 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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