VB4(16) & Sybase System 10 OpenRecordset problem 
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 VB4(16) & Sybase System 10 OpenRecordset problem


I am having problems with Sybase & VB4(16).  I have an Access database
with all of the Sybase tables attached to it.  From within vb I am
opening the access database and attaching the Sybase tables to it.  When
I open up WISQL, I see that I have only one connection open, which is
good.  A little bit further on in the program, I am opening a recordset
(dynaset type) to pull data from one of the attached tables.  The instant
after the openrecordset call, two connections are open on Sybase.  From
that point on, I open other recordset objects without creating other
connections.  I have made sure my recordset is closed after I am finished
with it, but the connection still remains open.  The connection only
closes once my global database is closed.

The recordset that is opened is in a function.  I am passing my global
database to this function in a ByRef variable.  I have referenced my
global database in the function with the same results.

Any help would be appreciated.  Please, send responses to:


Curt Pederson
Triad Data Inc, Madison WI

Sat, 21 Nov 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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