Alternative to Crystal Reports? 
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 Alternative to Crystal Reports?

My application is based on a POS system and prints many invoices, work
orders, etc. We are now using Crystal Reports 5, but it's a very large
app. for our reports. We just need simple invoice type of reports to
print FAST! on deskjets, dot matrix, lasers, etc.  Crystal isn't fast at
all!, and version 5.0 uses mega memory. Is there an alternative out
there to creating an Invoice?, do you know of any application we could
use to print reports. (We could hard code a report into VB 5, but we're
trying to avoid that).
Any SOURCE ONLY or class out there? We just need to print fields from an
Access MDB database!!!!!

Sun, 21 Nov 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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