Problem with passing formula from VB to Crystal Report 
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 Problem with passing formula from VB to Crystal Report

The report runs fine if it is run without VB (Enterprise Version 4).
That is, if I call the report using Crystal Report, the report will come
out fine.   However, if I call the report at VB-end, VB always complains
about "error in formula".

I have been stumbled by this problem for almost 3 days and hopefully,
some experts out there can help me sail through it.

I have attached my application source code in file ACCESS.ARJ.  All you
need to do is :

(1)  Copy the 2 files to your C:\ root drive.

(2)  Type "arj x -r access.arj".  Pls do not fear that your root
directory will be corrupted as I have ensured the creation of a base
directory named ACCESS.  

(3)  Open the project file "C:\ACCESS\SRC\ACCESS.VBP".  Run the
application and select sub-menu "Reports--> Customised".  Click OK
button and the system msg "error in formula" will be thrown to you.

Thanks in advance.

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< 1K Download

Fri, 30 Apr 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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