NEW SQL Debugger for Microsoft SQL Server 
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 NEW SQL Debugger for Microsoft SQL Server

NEW SQL De{*filter*} for Microsoft SQL Server part of
SQL-PROGRAMMER IX available Q1 1999

SQL De{*filter*} for Microsoft SQL Server in
SQL-PROGRAMMER IX available Q1 1999
A copy of this Press Release can be found at:

SYLVAIN FAUST INTL. SQL-Programmer IX, available Q1 1999,
delivers complete Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 support,
Microsoft SQL Server De{*filter*} and Oracle PL/SQL Profiling.

Sylvain Faust International (SFI) today announced plans for
SQL-Programmer IX, the next major release of its award-winning
client/server SQL programming tool that provides streamlined
database management and comprehensive server-side SQL code
development for Oracle, Microsoft, and Sybase servers.  Scheduled
for release in the first quarter of 1999, this new version adds
full Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 feature support, the anxiously awaited
Microsoft SQL Server De{*filter*} Module, and much expanded
Oracle8 feature support -- including PL/SQL Profiling.

SQL-Programmer IX continues to deliver the most robust
"server-side" SQL application development tool set available.

PC Week writes, "SQL-Programmer 2.VIII showed a wealth of strong
new features combined with a much improved interface.  In fact,
this product is the best SQL integrated development environment
we've seen, earning PC Week Lab's Analyst's Choice honors."
[October 26, 1998] The author, Bert Scalzo, further states that
SQL-Programmer's PL/SQL Reformatter is the best PL/SQL
code-beautification utility we have seen.

"Since its inception in 1988, Sylvain Faust International has always
prided itself in being customer-driven", said Sylvain Faust, president
and chairman of SFI.  "We monitor industry trends and adapt our products
to support the latest database releases.  Plus, we listen to our customers
and include their suggestions in product planning.  Users told us they
wanted Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 support and a SQL De{*filter*} - we listened.
SQL-Programmer IX is the result.  This new functionality not only
streamlines both the programming and SQL system management
functions, it delivers a significant return-on-investment to the
in terms of time and resources."


* Expanded Oracle8 support

SQL-Programmer IX continues to expand its Oracle8 feature support, and
now includes PL/SQL Profiling.  Developers can now easily locate run-time
performance bottlenecks, and thereby change their code to improve
application performance.

* Complete Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 support

SQL-Programmer IX adds complete Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 feature support,
while also maintaining backward compatibility with Microsoft SQL Server
versions 4.2, 6.0 and 6.5.

* New Microsoft SQL Server De{*filter*} Module

The new Microsoft SQL Server SQL De{*filter*} Module brings state-of-the-art
SQL debuggingto Microsoft SQL Server applications development. Developers
can now use our simple-to-use, yet powerful, Transact-SQL De{*filter*} to
locate errant Microsoft SQL Server code. SQL-Programmer's SQL De{*filter*}
will enable developers to produce rock solid code.

* Special Upgrade Pricing

Purchasers of the current SQL Programmer 2.VIII for Microsoft SQL Server
will be upgraded free of charge to version IX, and also offered a special
discount price on the new Microsoft SQL Server SQL De{*filter*} Module.


SQL-Programmer is an integrated development environment designed to assist
database application developers with the construction and maintenance of
server-side SQL code, such as stored procedures, functions, triggers and
packages for Oracle, Microsoft, and Sybase servers.  Its intuitive User
allows programmers to create multiple Personal Working Folders to quickly
store and efficiently access all the information on a particular project.

SQL-Programmer's drag-and-drop Virtual Editor enables users to revise,
maintain and test server-side SQL code without affecting the original source
code on the database server.  Plus, the Documentation Generator
documents the programmer's work, producing more than 60 comprehensive
reports detailing their database server environment.  SQL-Programmer also
includes direct interfaces to Microsoft's SourceSafe, INTERSOLV PVCS, and
MKS Source Integrity for Change Management Control.


SQL-Programmer IX for Oracle, Microsoft and Sybase SQL servers is scheduled
for release in the first quarter of 1999.  Pricing starts at $799 US. The
SQL Server and Oracle PL/SQL De{*filter*} Modules are an additional $500 US,
each.  Concurrent licensing is also available in 5-user increments.

For more information about this and other SFI products and announcements,
please visit SFI's website: http://www.*-*-*.com/

For further information about SFI products and services,
please refer to:

SFI Online Store:

SFI General Information:
Tel: 1-800-567-9127 (North America only)
(819) 778-5045, Ext. 152 (International and Direct)

Fax:(617) 722-9389 U.S.
Fax:(819) 778-7943 Canada & International

For SFI Registered International Distributors
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SQL-Programmer is a registered trademark and SQL-Sombrero,
SQL-Optimizer, and CompressIT are trademarks of Sylvain Faust Inc.
All other product and company names mentioned herein are the trademarks of
their respective owners.
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