NT3.51-Oracle ODBC-Oracle DB 
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 NT3.51-Oracle ODBC-Oracle DB

Hi :

I am trying to connect to an Oracle Db using ODBC command
I have set up the data source with the proper SQL*Net connection
string. The program connects fine when I access the db as a LOCAL
database, but remotely it refuses to connect.

I have also checked that I can access the 'data source' locally and
remotely from the ODBC test utility.

Do I have to call 'SQLDriverConnect' instead ? If so, how do i specify
parameters for the call. Or do i need to tweek NT Registry or Oracle
Config files to enable connection to remote db's via ODBC.

Your time and knowledge is greatly appreciated. TIA.

Uday Kumar

Sun, 13 Sep 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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