Oracle ODBC bug found in version 11 thru 16 
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 Oracle ODBC bug found in version 11 thru 16

I believe that there are client/server related issues (bugs) with
Oracle Rdb ODBC driver (versions 11 thru 16).
   I am asking those familiar with ODBC to check your machines to prove
it's not machine-specific.  Thanks.  JIM

   In attempts to create true c/s screens, I try to read the properties
of recordset fields. The Recordset.Fields(Index).Size property is
correct, but the .Required (NOT NULL), and .AllowZeroLength properties
do not get passed thru to the client via ODBC from Rdb.
(I didnt even make an attempt to read the foreign keys to make a LOV
combobox, seeing this simple task failed.)

Q: Why is the Recordset.Fields(Index).Required property not being passed
thru ODBC?
Q: Why is the Recordset.Fields(Index).AllowZeroLength property not being
passed thru ODBC?
Q: Do I need to use the properties of the TableDef object instead?

   Mark Murphy (former LAPS developer) had determined that appending a
recordset to the Recordset collection left it potentially vulnerable to
possible rogue applets running in the background looking for a recordset
to corrupt.  Leaving the recordset NOT appended to the collection makes
it secure.  He had designed the Database Class object used today in
   Another benefit was dynamically changing certain field attributes
on-the-fly.  Rdb ODBC connections do not allow for these changes which
appears to mimic the behavour of a recordset that IS appended to the
recordset collection.

Q: Why are the properties read only?  Is it related to issue 1?

Thanks for your support

Tue, 24 Jul 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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