Need help for RDO with MS SQL Server 6.0 
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 Need help for RDO with MS SQL Server 6.0

Hi! Everybody, I am just a new guy to this news group.  I have a
problem which I need to solve soon.  I use MS SQL Server 6.0 on the
back-end as a server and have VB 4.0 Enterprise on the front.
The document of VB 4.0 said that RDO id the best way to access the
data on SQL Server.  However, I am wondering how to control the
conncurrency on a multi-user environment.

Q: The menu said that the data page will be locked while the Edit method
is invoked and will be released until Update method is invoked.  My
question is: When user A start the Edit method and lock the data page
and meanwhile there is a user B try to write and lock the same data
page, how does user B know the data page has been locked?

Is there anyone who can show me how to solve this problem?


Chao-Yee Hsu

Mon, 26 Oct 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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