Dbase 3 - Bypassing deleted records problem.... 
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 Dbase 3 - Bypassing deleted records problem....

I'm using VB 4.0 and am accessing a Dbase 3 database - adding, changing and
deleting records. One problem though: When I delete a record, VB still
reads that record subsequently. When exiting from VB, and using dbase III
itself, I can see the "*" which indicates that the record has been deleted.
So as far as Dbase is concerned the record IS deleted. But VB still
accesses that record. How can I stop this?

There used to be a "Deleted()" function which would test whether a record
had been deleted (but not yet physically removed). Also, there was SET
DELETED ON which would stop you from seeing deleted records.

Can anyone suggest a solution? Is there any function in VB which could be
of use? Kindly reply by e-mail if you can help. I'd appreciate it a great
deal. Thanks, Jan.

Cheers, Jan...
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