dear vb abbey 
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 dear vb abbey

Recently I sent my child off to computer camp in hopes that young Billy
would start to develop a sense of self.  You see Billy has always been
a bit excentric and paranoid. Well the first week was pretty much the
same as
for any child.  His letters were something like "Dear Mom, I really
wish you hadn't sent me here to this stupid camp. When will the summer
be over..." and so forth.  It wasn't until his second letter that I
should have go
tten worried.
"Dear Mom
Camp is getting much better.  One of the older campers, a fellow by the
name of andrew grove, gave me my first pocket protector.  It is sooo
cool. none of the other kids iron their clothes either.  we don't get
much sun h
ere 'cause we spend all day learning algorythims and stuff but that's
ok.:):)::):) Bill"

Of course His thrid letter was even more disturbing.
"dear mom,
this week we learned how to infect files with viruses. no I'm not sick.
right now I am working on a program that will allow people to use IBMs
I'll show it to you on parents visit day"

His last letter is by far the most troubling
"dear mom, after seeing how you and dad received my news about selling
my program for 30K, I feel that you don't understand my needs.
therefore my legal counsel has advised me that a complete termination
is in order.  do
n't worry about me, my friends and I will be moving in together and
starting up a club called somethingsoft.  anyway, I just wanted to let
you know that I am no longer going to take this abuse. and BTW stop
calling me bil
ly... my name is William!"

Oh dear ABBEY, what can I do to get my child back?

Sun, 04 Jul 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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