Beta Testers needed in Atlanta, GA 
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 Beta Testers needed in Atlanta, GA

Subject: Beta Testers needed in Atlanta, GA


To participate, please include the following information in email

Your Company Name:
Your Name:
The department you work in:
The number of IT proposals you currently have pending?
The number of IT projects that have been approved but not started?
The approximate number of IT project proposals you review in a one-year
The best way to contact you?
Your contact information.

Software Requirements for DecisionOne:

Windows NT Server 4.0 with SP3 or later
IIS 4.0 with the SMTP Server Installed
Microsoft Index Server


If you manage an IT department within a medium to large organization,
or are directly responsible for approving IT projects you may be
eligible to participate in beta testing a new product from Automated
Office Systems, Inc.  Our new product, DecisionOne, allows IT
departments with multiple project proposals and limited resources to
make informed decisions on which IT initiatives to pursue.

DecisionOne is a response to the problem IT departments have in knowing
the most advantageous projects to implement when they receive requests
for projects from multiple sources.  DecisionOne levels the playing
field between project requests by allowing projects to be compared side-
by-side based on merit.
DecisionOne enables each project proposal to go through different
approval phases based on the characteristics of the project: budget,
resource needs, risks, etc.  These characteristics will differ between
organizations and even business units within a single organization. The
software provides the flexibility to customize the application to a
companys business objectives.
DecisionOne is intended to be a framework and process for making smart
IT investment decisions.  In short, it provides a process by which to
ensure that the proper project information is gathered prior to
development and enables IS and Business management teams to prioritize
projects based on estimated ROI (Return On Investment).

Our application accomplishes this in the following ways:

DecisionOne standardizes the process of submitting new IT project
proposals.  For example, if you are currently bombarded with  project
proposals from sales, marketing, operations, finance, HR, etc.
DecisionOne can ensure that proposals are submitted in the same format
every time and that the required information is filled out before the
proposal is submitted.  By standardizing the process of submitting IT
proposals, many companies will recognize a drastic decline in the
number of unnecessary projects that are submitted.

DecisionOne provides the appropriate workflow to gather information
from various users and allows the information gathered to be approved
at each level.

DecisionOne will generate side-by-side project comparisons based on the
information gathered to allow IT management to make informed decisions
about which IT project will have the largest strategic impact on their
company.  Reports are provided that display a general project
prioritization based on weights you provide, and an ROI analysis based
on the financial information provided.  In addition, all reports export
to Microsoft Excel for further analysis.

DecisionOne allows the IT department to create various templates that
define how the proposal, information gathering, and approval process
will proceed.  Each template may be as simple as gathering an estimated
investment amount and an estimated return amount or as complex as a TCO
(Total Cost of Ownership) analysis based on the Gardner Groups
Distributed Computing Chart of Accounts.

We will provide:

If selected, Automated Office Systems, Inc. will provide an MCSD
(Microsoft Certified Solution Developer) to setup and install
DecisionOne.  Automated Office Systems, Inc. will also provide eight
hours of training (four for administrators and four for end users).
Upon the final release of DecisionOne your company will receive a copy
of the software free of charge, a $9,995.00 to $29,995.00 value.  Your
company will also receive setup and installation of the next release of
the software free of charge.


DecisionOne acts as a central repository for all project proposals.
Expect a significant decrease in the number of redundant systems being
developed because users can search for projects with similar
requirements to their own. DecisionOne provides a structured way of
requesting new projects.  We estimate, this alone will result in a
sharp (25% or more) decrease in the number of unnecessary project
submissions. Once a project proposal is submitted, DecisionOne provides
the workflow needed to ensure the proposal is sent to all persons
requiring sign-off.
DecisionOne is a scalable, standards based Intranet/Extranet
application.  DecisionOne can be installed on a laptop running Windows
95/98 and easily scale to a large Windows NT Server; you can even
distribute the web server, business tier, and database across several
machines.   DecisionOne is client-side platform independent.
DecisionOne strictly adheres to the HTML 3.2 standard and because all
of the data-validation is done on the server instead of through a
scripting language, it is compatible with a wide variety of browsers.


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